No Job Too Small


Brimar services a wide variety of customers including:

-Comercial/industrial general contractors

-Concrete contractors


-Home Owners



-Residential Home Builder/Renovation Contractors

Whether you are looking for a machine rental with an operator (hourly), or a complete project quote, we can help.

Bobcat ServiceBobcat

- grading

- backfilling

- above ground pool preparation

- parking lot sweeping

- pool fill ins

- sidewalk, driveway excavations for interlocking stone, concrete etc.

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator

- addition excavations

- trenching

- garage excavations

- in-ground pool digs



Concrete Breaker

Concrete Breaking

- breaker can be mounted on bobcat or mini excavator equipped with exhaust purifiers








Auger Service

- drilling post holes for fences, decks etc. 9 inch or 12 inch

- 16 - 36 for pole barns piers etc.







Dump Truck -equipped with roll off system

Dump Truck










Armour Stone -retaining walls and gardens

Armout Stone


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